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    Welcome and I want to invite you my dear reader to read what in my opinion some of the people could
    find useful, some of you might find on the end of it that it was pointless to read, if you will be one of them
    please correct me if needed as I never played professionally, mostly on public servers for fun.
    I would like to share the as much knowledge Ive gained about Counter-Strike in past 13 years as possible.
    Everything I'm going to share with you works perfectly for me my PC and my preference, If you not 100% sure
    how any of my advise is going to affect your hardware or software please consult with someone who
    is knowledgeable on this matter before applying.

    Lets start then, shall we?

    Game was designed to run on 800 MHz processor, 128 MB ram and 32MB video card, years past by and
    some of you might find it surprising not to be able to run the game smoothly on PC's with much
    higher spec and wonder why, had same problem some time ago and it was solved by adjusting 3D settings of my NVIDIA
    graphic card. I found help in similar movie to this one:
    [ Counter Strike 1.6 ] How to make your fps 100 - YouTube
    if you have ATI card fear no more as similar guides are available on YouTube for your type of the graphic card.

    In game settings:
    Sometimes during the game you might think: How its possible that I've emptied whole clip from M4 shooting
    someone and only gave him 30dmg, am I shooting BLANKS? No bullets can hit him?! Kind of true, if some of
    the settings in your config haven't been set, you might continue to have this problems, partially
    I found help here:
    Steam Community :: Guide :: CS 1.6 Rates Guide
    and some help here:
    Na'Vi markeloff: PC and CS configuration - YouTube

    Markeloff was setting up for LAN event, some of the settings might not work as good for on-line gaming,
    so you will need to figure out what apples. another thing is that i have no idea how much of these
    apply for non-steam versions of CS. Do your research.

    Personally I think its unnecessary to spend $$$'s of your hard earned money on expensive mice, mouse
    pad etc. it will help you precision, but precision will turn into failure if you don't know where to shoot.

    Its advised to have them on your head, left sine on left ear, right side on right ear. If you have washing
    machine in the same room where you have your PC, make sure its turned off and have your washing done
    before you start playing as it will be extremely difficult for you to make full use of your headphones if the spinning cycle will be on.
    PS. It's advised to have fridge next to your PC as you might get thirsty while you playing and there is nothing
    better than fridge full of cold beverage (works all fine for me) :D

    From personal experience I can say that all what I've already shared with you is USELESS if you don't
    use one very important thing, greatest thing we have been gifted with, something what located in
    between your left and right ear. BRAIN
    Counter-Strike is multiplayer Game, Game you play with and against other people
    and unlike FPS games you play against other thinking people, not AI, and even on the same map depending
    on the round circumstances they will behave differently. Simply saying out of all games played on all servers
    on de_dust2 map since game was released you wont be able to find two rounds being identical. Its impossible
    to say what other players will do before the round starts, but you have tools provided by game itself to make
    it easier for you to narrow the possible scenarios while the round progresses.

    Radar, round thing in the top corner of your screen shows you "." "T" and "┴" these are your
    teammates, and if you see any of "." "T" or "┴" is disappearing that is someone from your team got killed and
    if you haven't witness it yourself you might be able to estimate position where they got
    killed, depending on your knowledge of the map you currently playing and you can see who has killed
    your teammate and where at the time he might be. Very useful.

    It happens you will get killed. What do you do? Go for a cigarette? make a tea? type /hp and /me
    wait until round ends? turn it in your favor watch other people play, and you might notice some
    pasterns, ways they do things, bad habits, and if you play on the same server with the same people
    on the same maps again and again you never know it might benefit to you in the future.
    Scoreboard shows you who is currently playing on your team and opposite team, check it occasionally
    you will know how many players is left alive, it will come handy if you just killed last terrorist
    and you not defusing a bomb thinking there is still one more terrorist left and this vital seconds
    you will be wasting before you realize there is no one left but you, it will be to late to defuse and
    you will lose the round.
    Make use of what you hear. Different maps make different sounds in different places, be aware of them.
    commands being useful: voice_enable 0, stopsound if you play on de_aztec and find rain sounds annoying.
    Unfortunately there is no command to make your washing machine's spinning cycle quieter :/
    On few maps like de_aztec, de_train if someone crosses certain point you will hear everybody will hear
    specific sound for that place.

    Sometime I'm to tired to follow any of the above, Sometimes i will follow some of these points.

    IMAGINE IF YOU WERE TO MIX A, B, C and D what Delicious soup you could make.

    PS: recipe is based on how I play CS, how I've seen others play it, CS forums I've came across,
    YouTube movies I've watched and it is the way I play the game. If in your opinion its common
    knowledge then please accept my apologise for wasting your time. I just hope there will be
    at least one person who will read it and benefit from my knowledge, then I'm not going to feel like I've wasted my time.
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    Usefull topic. Thanks !
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    Good Job Death
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